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Guest Post by Simone Gannon @simonescribes

As we approach the winter months and temperature and humidity levels start to lower, the moisture we maintained in our skin over the summer can feel like it’s being stripped away.

Our skin is drier; it feels a little tighter and maybe even a little red and irritated. It’s often itchy and flaky, too – especially on the drier parts of our body like legs and elbows.

This is a great time to look at your current skin and body care routine, make some small changes and introduce new ingredients that will help calm, nourish, and deeply hydrate your skin (and make you feel amazing, too!).

One of my favourite ingredients to use year-round for overall skin health, but particularly in winter, is magnesium. Often called the ‘miracle mineral’ as it’s easily absorbed by our skin, magnesium has a vast range of benefits for both our physical and mental health. From reducing redness and inflammation and easing muscle aches and pains to promoting deeper sleep and balancing energy levels in our cells, which leaves us feeling more relaxed and grounded. Magnesium also improves our skin barrier function, helping to retain moisture levels and protect our skin from environmental aggressors.

My favourite way to use magnesium is via the medium of body scrubs, bath salts and hydrating body creams and lotions. Although I try to take the time to hydrate my skin every day, Sunday evening is the one night I put aside to really care for my skin. I like to exfoliate with Max Benjamin Magnesium Body Scrub, a glorious concoction that includes natural magnesium, lavender, chamomile and avocado oil. It very gently removes dead skin cells while intensely nourishing the skin (and it has the most amazing texture).

As soon as I step out of the shower, I apply a thick layer of Max Benjamin Magnesium Body Cream to still-damp skin (this is key if you want to instantly trap moisture in your skin after a shower or bath). Made with natural magnesium, lavender, chamomile, and a range of other incredible essential oils such as vetiver, cedarwood, and Amyris, it’s a thick and creamy formula that immediately calms and soothes the skin and provides a serious boost of hydration.

These products are not only great for my skin, they’re great for making me take some time out.

Using them requires all my concentration and attention, a moment just for me, to take care of myself, to take a breather, to clear my mind, and plan for the week ahead. What could be better than that?