Make the Most of the Outdoors - Max Benjamin

Make the Most of the Outdoors

Orla loves table dressing and so we asked her for her top three tips to lift al fresco dining out of the ordinary.

  • Flowers and foliage
    My go-tos are roses, hydrangea, lavender. Eucalyptus and ivy provide gorgeous greenery and I love honeysuckle, which I snake down the centre of my table.
  • Candles, candles and more candles
    Our weakness, obviously! Right now, with summer here, I am choosing soft, floral scents like Rose and Champagne and White Pomegranate. Ambiance you can’t beat with any form of modern technology!
  • Cosy Comfort

Be liberal with the throws and cushions on your bench or chairs. You want to make sure everyone feels warm and settled and is happy to stay put all night long!