Tips to Improve your Sleep - from our Wellness Ambassador Julie B - Max Benjamin

Tips to Improve your Sleep – from our Wellness Ambassador Julie B

As with anything it’s very personal but no matter what you have going on at home I think it’s so important to carve out even 5 minutes for yourself before your head hits the pillow.

As always it’s very important to find what works for you but here’s some tips that might help you on your way:

  • Set the scene: have the lights low or even light some of your favourite candles. You might even like to play some music.
  • Turn off any screens (phones, tv etc) and let yourself just be…I have all notifications turned off after 9pm so I don’t see things pop up from instagram etc.
  • Scent is so important: again this is very personal but you want to use a scent that is calming. For me lavender has always been my go to relaxation scent. So i’ll have a few candles lighting and my True Lavender diffuser is always in the bedroom.
  • Take a few moments before bed to check in on yourself; to ask yourself how you are. We spend so much time checking in on everyone else but rarely stop and ask ourselves how we are doing. Reflect on your day, recognise how you feel, notice if there is anything annoying you and maybe write it down to get it out. You may like to include a few minutes of breathing to let go of the day and help you slow down and slowly move towards switching off or even add in some gentle movement if you notice you are feeling particularly sore or stiff, which you can even do on your bed.
  • Add in something personal: I like to put some nice face creams on and a hand cream before spraying my pillow and settling down into bed.

Julie x