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Magic Happens!

We are so excited to be working with Irish brand Dusty Boy Designs this season and sat down with co-owner Kate to tell us a little bit more about Dusty Boy and the collaboration.

Firstly, please tell us more about Dusty Boy…

Dusty Boy is a stationery brand run by myself (Kate) and my husband Justin where we create meaningful wall prints to hang in your home or gift to somebody you love!

The intention behind our brand is that each and every print breathes a message that is filled with meaning and comfort for all of lifes ups and downs. Messages full of courage, self worth, kindness, strength, joy, love and most importantly HOPE.

Most of our work is inspired by feelings from being immersed in Nature. The art of designing and building words from being out in the wild reconnects our minds back to our bodies and I think we were really craving that. Reconnection. It’s simple, grounding and very natural.

What do you love most about what you do for a living?

We both always wanted to work for ourselves AND work from home to give us the freedom to etch out the lives we really wanted to live. We very much wanted to do something that we were passionate about so that we didn’t feel that life/work separation too much. And we get to do that every day with Dusty Boy!

What is your favourite print from those you have designed exclusively for Max Benjamin and why?

My favourite print would have to be our “Bathe deeply in the magic of whispering trees and remember that better days will come”.

They are words that I wrote when I felt completely upside down and inside out. And they came to me when I planted my feet into the soft grass underneath a blanket of leafy branches on the land at home. There, for the first time in a long time, I was able to take in one beautiful deep breath after another and it gave me great comfort.

Now when I read them, even when I’m not lying on that patch of solitude, they give me back that knowing feeling that everything will be ok.

Are you excited about your partnership with Max Benjamin?

We are so delighted to have teamed up with Max Benjamin. Their products are so intentional whether it’s through lighting a candle at the end of a difficult day or to celebrate an important event. It’s been lovely working alongside another Irish brand whose products are so in line with bringing people back to what’s really important in life.

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