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And a local collaboration we are very proud of.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with fellow Wicklow brand White & Green. A mother and daughter team who are passionate about great sleep!

We asked Rebecca, co-founder of White & Green with her mother Sari and sister Danielle, to tell us more…

Tell us a little about White and Green and the inspiration behind the brand?

As a family, we are quite passionate sleepers, you could say! Our Mum instilled in us the lesson that a good night’s sleep is an incredibly powerful way to keep ourselves happy and healthy. It’s the time when our body and mind gets to rest and renew for the busy day ahead. She always said that it’s worth investing in good shoes or a good bed, as if you are not in one, you are in the other. With that in mind, she had a very successful career as an interior designer for over 20 years and the one thing she struggled to source for her clients was good quality reliable bed linen. She found that high street brands might have nice packaging but that didn’t necessarily translate to good quality. I had just finished my Master’s in Development Studies at The London School of Economics and was very interested in starting a sustainable company and at the same time, my sister, Danielle, was coming out of the international modelling business and was looking to go into design. So, Mum pitched the idea for creating White & Green, an Organic and Fairtrade quality bed linen brand to us, and we jumped at it! It brought together all of our passions in life- great sleep, organic and sustainable living, and luxury design. We wanted to make it really easy to find beautiful bed linen online, without the hassle of traipsing department stores, mind-boggled, and then spending a fortune on bedding that pilled and frayed shortly after! And that’s how the brand was born!

Why is sustainable sourcing so important for White & Green?

We simply could not create a company that did not have caring for the environment and people at the forefront of its mission. We are approaching the most difficult decades of a climate disaster ahead of us, we feel it is our responsibility as individuals and as business owners now, to do all that we can to fight this and protect our world rather than to perpetuate further environmental degradation. Asides from that, as a family, we have always been conscious about buying local and ethical products where possible and so being Fairtrade certified for us was incredibly important. Cotton is known as White Gold because of its huge amount of slavery, child labour and human rights abuses. I had lived in India for a while and seen this myself firsthand. It simply was not an option to buy from a random supplier or factory which could be involved in this kind of production. So, we spent one year researching the industry and travelling around India to find our Organic Fairtrade farming cooperatives and factories and we are really proud of this aspect of our business. 

What is your favourite product from your range and why?

It is impossible to choose a favourite product from our range as we feel that everyone deserves to have their home decked out in our products. Starting with the bed, it makes a huge difference to use our washable mattress protector and pillow protectors to keep away bacteria and bugs. Then of course, the bed would be incomplete without our beautiful bed linen and a bedspread to keep it neat. For the bathroom, there is nothing nicer than coming out of a warm bath and wrapping yourself up in our bathrobe and towels. Finally, a silk pillowcase is the ultimate luxury which comes out at sleep time and protects your hair and face whilst you slumber!

Are you excited about your partnerships with Max Benjamin?

We have been huge admirers of Max Benjamin for many years. Another family business with a huge passion for local and sustainable production and high quality designs. And of course, they are neighbours of ours in beautiful Wicklow! We are delighted to be partnering with the Max Benjamin team and feel that our two brands really align so well.

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