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Kind to the environment, kind to you

We sat down with Mark and Orla to find out more about Organic Liquid Soap…


Where did the inspiration for the Organic Liquid Hand Soap and Forever Vessel come from?

The kitchen sink is the most used in the house and so many smaller hand soap bottles were being used up quickly and then being thrown away. We wanted to create something practical that could be used by all in the house but also something that would look really beautiful – an everyday luxury investment. After we created the larger vessel, we wanted to create a smaller version for the bathroom also.


Why was it important that this product used only 100% organic ingredients?

Nature is the key inspiration for Max Benjamin and so the opportunity to work with 100% natural organic ingredients could not be passed. So fulfilling to harness the power of nature in its most raw form and use it to create a hand soap that we know is kind to our hands but also kind to the environment.


Why is sustainability an important aspect to this product and the Max Benjamin brand?

Part of our philosophy is to be a sustainable brand and to reduce the amount of waste produced. While we are not perfect, this is something that is constantly at the top of our minds. The soap refill pouch packaging uses 80% less plastic than a normal plastic bottle and contains 500ml of the gentle lavender scented organic liquid hand soap. As the soap comes in a pouch, we wanted the Forever Vessel to be something practical but also something that people would want to keep in their house for years to come. It is made of glass and is painted using organic paint. In the current climate, everyone is washing their hands more so a reusable vessel and soap pouches really can have a major impact on reducing the amount of single use plastic being used.


How was the Organic Liquid Hand Soap developed and made?

The soap was almost a year in development as we worked with our in-house chemist to create the most beautiful and ethical product possible.


What is in the future for Max Benjamin?

Continuing to create more sustainable products from our candle and diffuser refills to recycled packaging and beyond, we are an Irish brand that is passionate about the environment and we will continue to develop more products for our customers that are sustainable, natural and with our same beautiful fragrances.